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Re-circling life into industrial waste 

We specialize in assisting businesses with the recycling of non-ferrous metals.

What we can help you with.

Environmental design

We manage and carry out contracts directly for facility owners and as subcontractors in work for environmental improvement measures.

Technical disassembly

We help clients all over Europe with qualified and environmental friendly dismantling of all kinds of technical installations, big or small.

Recycling of industrial waste

In our modern facility in Gothenburg, we carry out recycling of various raw materials. 99% of all material that we dismantle is recycled.


Can we help you simplify your recycling process?

At the heart of our mission, we're dedicated to simplifying the recycling process for our clients, whether they're small enterprises or multinational giants.

Our range of services extends from offering waste minimization strategies to implementing cutting-edge recycling solutions tailored to your needs.

This includes the recycling of electronic waste, effectively turning what might be considered trash into valuable resources.


Join Recircler's journey towards a sustainable future.

We send out occasional insights regarding interesting topics and happenings at Recircler.


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